UK attitudes towards different accents in the workplace revealed

UK attitudes towards different accents in the workplace revealed

Moneypenny have surveyed 1000 office workers across the UK to gain an understanding into the nations most liked and disliked accents within the workplace.

Asking office workers from different regions, the survey has been useful in analysing how certain accents are perceived differently depending on the area.

With research revealing 71% agree an accent can alter the way a message is perceived, it’s safe to say accents are very important in how we are portrayed as people.

Analysing demographics such as age, gender and region allows to discover any patterns in these attitudes towards specific accents.

How do accents make UK office workers feel?

Most calming:

  1. Southern Irish (17%)
  2. Welsh (12%)
  3. Edinburgh (8%)
  4. Yorkshire (8%)
  5. Northern Irish (6%)

Southern Irish topped the vote for most calming accent, with 168 of those surveyed selecting the Republic of Ireland’s accent as the most calming within the workplace.

Most motivating

  1. Geordie (9%)
  2. Yorkshire (8%)
  3. Edinburgh (6%)
  4. Eastender (5%)
  5. Glaswegian (5%)

371 of those surveyed (37%) believed no accent in particular to be the most motivating in the workplace, with the rest of the results scattered between various other accents.

Most encouraging

  1. Yorkshire (9%)
  2. Geordie (9%)
  3. Southern Irish (8%)
  4. Welsh (6%)
  5. Northern Irish (5%)

Similar to the results of the most motivating accent, a large portion didn’t believe any accent in particular to be the most encouraging, with 293 (29%) voting for no accent, whilst Yorkshire ranked second with 90 UK office workers selecting their accent as the most encouraging.

Further survey results

Moneypenny’s survey also explored the most suitable roles for specific accents in the workplace such as providing customer service. In this section of the survey, office workers were allowed to select 3 options for each question.

Best accent for delivering bad news:

  1. Southern Irish (16%)
  2. Welsh (14%)
  3. Edinburgh (12%)
  4. Yorkshire (12%)
  5. Northern Irish (9%)

The love for the Irish accent continued, with the southern Irish accent ranked the top accent for delivering bad news. There was no clear winner in this section of the survey, with Welsh coming in second and only 27 votes separating the Welsh and southern Irish accents.

Best accents for providing customer service:

  1. Yorkshire (17%)
  2. Geordie (16%)
  3. Southern Irish (16%)
  4. Edinburgh (15%)
  5. Welsh (15%)

Whilst again there were a large portion who didn’t believe accents affected the ability to provide customer service, the accents that ranked top for most calming also ranked high when it came to providing service to customers.

The demographics revealed a slight bias in the voting patterns, with half of the North East voting for Geordie accents whilst 40% of Wales believed no English accent was best in providing customer service.

Wendy Swash, Chief Operating Officer at Moneypenny said: “It is interesting to see the different opinions stemming from various regions of the country, one thing that remained the same was the lack of love both brummie and scouse accents received throughout the survey!

“Attitudes towards accents are bound to differ depending on region, however it was insightful to see the various emotions these accents evoked to varying degrees.’’

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