Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace, 2022 edition

Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace, 2022 edition

ABSTRACT aims to bring about profound positive change in individual and collective behaviour in business. Here, they discuss the importance of Mental Health.

We addressed the impact of loneliness in the workplace during Mental Health Week recently. However, at ABSTRACT, we believe it’s vital to keep the conversation around mental health going all year round – now more than ever. With the relationship between wellness and productivity clearly established, how do we care for the welfare of our people, and ensure our workplaces are a positive environment for everyone’s mental health?

After two years of disruption, what’s the damage?

A recent study by the Centre for Mental Health predicts that 10 million people in England will require mental health support as a direct consequence of the pandemic. That’s 1-in-5 people, many of whom will need new or additional support if they are to protect their workforce. It’s a sobering figure and one that suggests organisations are going to have to develop effective tools for identifying those who need support in their talent pool over the next few years.

How are businesses responding to this emerging mental health crisis?

According to BUPA, there’s some encouraging news on this front. In a recent global study, they found that nearly 30% of the country’s business leaders now prioritise mental health in the workplace, with spending in this area rising by 22%.

This is a great trend and one that will help businesses mitigate against the burnout, resignations and long-term absenteeism that are an inevitable by-product of poor mental health in the workplace.

So when it comes to spending that mental health budget, where should you be focussing your investment?

A cultural response to workplace mental health starts at the top.

For businesses that want to foster a positive and safe workplace environment, there’s never been a more pressing time to focus on your managerial skill set. Because in a hybrid environment, where people are adjusting to incredible changes and challenges, leaders who can demonstrate emotional intelligence, an inclusive mindset, and empathy, are absolutely critical. We used to call these soft skills, but they’re exactly what you need right now for the hard task of strengthening your employee wellbeing.

Fortunately, these are skills and capabilities you can build on and draw out of your leaders. That’s where our Inclusive Leadership Series comes in. From developing a new sense of self-awareness, to gaining the cultural intelligence required to bring the best out in everyone, this modular course is here to provide key tools for your leadership in 2022. Tools that will enable you to support your people when they need it the most.

Supporting everyone.

Our Health and Wellbeing Programme is designed to support all your people. Over a series of digital modules, we’ll equip your talent pool with key insights into their own wellbeing, so they can take ownership of their personal growth. We designed this course to tackle the challenges and anxieties so many people are facing right now. It’s fresh, based on detailed research, and exactly what you need to create a healthy and happy workforce.

When it comes to making a positive difference to the wellbeing of your people during challenging times, ABSTRACT is the catalyst you need. Talk to us.

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