Are you ready to support the AMBITION of your people?

Are you ready to support the AMBITION of your people?

For all the important work many businesses do to support women and other under-represented groups towards leadership positions, there is another demographic that tends to fly under the radar. We’re talking about the next level down, those post-grad, post-apprentice soul searchers who are still trying to understand themselves, and where they fit into your big picture. And that’s where ABSTRACT’s AMBITION programme comes in.

At senior levels, the award winning ACCELERATE programme offers organisations a way to create a talent pipeline that turns their brightest stars into future leaders. While at corporate entry level, those who progress from the structured learning environment of university are usually well served by the early career support that comes hand in hand with graduate recruitment schemes.

However, as those junior employees’ transition into early management roles, support tends to fall away.

It’s this point where your mid-career talent can start to feel undervalued, uninspired and unable to find meaning in their careers. Where focus drifts from the job at hand, to LinkedIn job alerts.

Right now, in the remote working era, this mid-career malaise is even more acute, and hidden from view. Especially for those newest recruits, who may have not yet met colleagues, or been to the office.

Turn mid-career burnout into trail-blazing success.

AMBITION takes over where early career development ends and supports your people up to the point where ACCELERATE can lift them into later career success. It’s both a stand-alone, and precursor course, to ACCELERATE.

The aim? To reinvigorate delegate aspirations and provide the tools to proactively shape personal career progression.

As with all ABSTRACT’s award-winning programmes, they aim to engage, inspire, and build practical skills that can apply to all aspects of life.

Ready to support your emerging talent as they adjust to the future of work? Looking to keep your future leaders engaged and inspired during their mid-career journey? AMBITION is where positive change begins. Get in touch with ABSTRACT.

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