Is your business ready to unlock the digital future?

Is your business ready to unlock the digital future?

As businesses embrace the post-lockdown digital acceleration, the ability to securely collect and analyse data will be key to understanding customer habits, informing strategy, and identifying market trends.

Yet in many ways, effective gathering and analysis of data is actually more suited to SMEs. After all, SMEs are small and agile, and can react with more speed to capitalise on data-driven insights.

Adrian Linggi, Director of IT based Subnetic Solutions said, “Our aim is to make sure businesses IT infrastructure and cybersecurity is ready to support the opportunities big data presents.

“As digital technology has advanced, large businesses have learned how to gather and analyse vast amounts data. It provides them with invaluable insight on everything from what their customers think about things, to how competitors operate. And this has ensured they can remain one step ahead of everyone else.”

Managed Cloud.

It is very important to maintain your Cloud server, keeping your servers online and your data back-up secure. As many businesses are hybrid working, it is importation to have remote access to your shared information at any time, day or night, from any location.

World-class security.

When businesses consider switching to the Cloud for their data management, they often have concerns about security. However, Subnetic’s Cloud managed data services are more secure than most on-site server solutions.

As Adrian adds “Look at it this way: If you had a piece of priceless jewellery, would it be more secure in your bedroom safe, or in a bank vault?

“For a start, the risk of lost or corrupt data through damage or failure of hardware is no longer an issue. But most importantly, as specialist IT providers, Subnetic employ substantial security measures to ensure the safety and security of your, vital data to ensure you can’t be caught out by new hacking techniques that can sneak through standard security protection.

“It is also important to have, AI-enhanced email protection, that can spot the kind of cunning, personalised ‘ransomware’ attacks that have been so successful at crippling major businesses in recent times.”

As the digital landscape opens up opportunities, and increases the risk of cybercrime, having specialist IT support to help shape your digital ambitions has never been more important. If you’re ready to embrace the future, call Subnetic today.

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